Learning with The Beatles

Manuel F. Lara Garrido



Guía didáctica


You are going to be a team, and you are going to produce a new anthology of The Beatles. You will, in this new anthology, collect songs dealing with a definite topic: love, friendship, money, jobs ... You will give a title to your anthology. Then you will make a booklet where you are going to introduce The Beatles to young people who have not heard much of them. You must explain why they were so influential to the music of the second half of the last century and decide if they still have something to say nowadays.

The first step will be to form a team of four members. In order to accomplish the task I described above, one of you will be the manager of the group who will be responsible of collecting and organizing the work produced by the other members of the group and will make the presentation of the final work, another member will be responsible of gathering all the information about historical events related to The Beatles, another member will work on The Beatles' musical career, analysing and studying the influence of The Beatles in the music of the second half of the last century, and the last member will be engaged with the graphic work in this project. The four members of the team will collect songs dealing with a specific topic for the anthology; and at the end, you all will give a personal view of this pop group, describing your personal experiences, finally, you will have to make a spoken presentation in English of your final work.